Dr. König in Residence

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    Dr. Harry F. König is a holistic-oriented medical practitioner specialising in naturopathy. He studied medicine at the FU Berlin with naturopathic-oriented clinical electives in India and South Africa. He wrote his doctoral thesis at the Space Research Institute, Berlin, under the supervision of Professor Furrer and at the ENT department of the Steglitz Clinic, Berlin, under the supervision of Professor Scherer.

    Dr. König is a mentor of Well-Aging® philosophy and co-founder of the curaSport® movement. He is a dedicated sportsman.


    • German Association of Manual Medicine (DGMM)
    • Private Doctors’ Association (PBV)
    • German Society for Empirical Medicine (EHK)
    • Society for Biological Cancer Prevention (GfBK)
    • German Doctors’ Society for Acupuncture DÄGfA
    • Forum for Orthomolecular Medicine (FOM)
    • Forum for Men’s Doctors (Forum Männerarzt)
    • Founding member and President of the South German Osteopathic Society (SDOG)
    • Member of the board at the Regena Academy
    • German Society for Oxygen-Ozone Therapy (GOS)
    • German Association of Sports Physicians (DGSP)

    Visit Dr. König's website in English here: http://www.drkoenig.com/en/.