Anastasia Achilleos

The Lanesborough Club & Spa London Anastasia Achilleos Doing Treatments
    The Anastasia Achilleos Method delivers on two fronts: holistic emotional experiences and effective skin and massage treatment. It cleverly taps into the cranio sacral rhythms of the body utilising Anastasia’s expertise in reiki and energy lines. This innovative approach aligns the central nervous system releasing connective tissues that become stiff and hardened over time to reveal a younger looking appearance. The Anastasia Achilleos Method is much more than a facial. It is not just to improve skin appearance but aims to bring a sense of balance to the body and encourage overall wellness. It is an immersive experience that steams, massages, rejuvenates and relaxes. Guests can expect extractions, dual masks, lifting massage, lymphatic drainage and deep muscular release, with use of equipment and water mats during treatment. Benefits including relaxation, jaw release, easing of muscle stiffness, reduction in eye fatigue, sinus relief, de-puffing and increased skin glow.