Mikiko Hayano

The Lanesborough Club & Spa London Mikiko Hayano

    In 2007, Mikiko established Kingley Japan Co. Ltd. and opened ‘Lyvolvant’ (former Absolu Herbeen) salon in Tokyo, and later expanded the operation in London by establishing Kingly-London Ltd., a subsidiary company in 2011.


    Mikiko’s clients include A-list celebrities, models and fashion designers. By working closely with Dr. Tim Evans, Apothecary to Her Majesty The Queen and The Royal Households, since 2012, she has been serving high profile clients in London. Mikiko was recently invited to an exclusive event, organized by international fashion houses, for the Cannes film festival, where she performed her treatments for the VIP guests. Her bespoke four-hand treatment is often described as a "life changing treatment" by her clients. Mikiko’s treatment is available at her salon Lyvolvant in Tokyo and here at The Lanesborough Club & Spa in London.


    Mikiko provides expertise to domestic and international clients.