Alcohol's Hidden Calories


    A large glass of wine (250ml at 13% ABV) can contain around 230kcal = 1 Jam doughnut

    125ml Champagne (12% ABV) can contain around 90kcal = 1 small croissant or 2 chocolate chip cookies

    25ml spirit (40% ABV) can contain 60kcal = 1 custard cream

    We all love a small treat every day and why shouldn’t we but would you really expect the scales to budge if you had a jam doughnut and 2 chocolate chip cookies every day? Probably not! So set yourself a small goal to get the ball rolling on weight loss.


    If you’re over the government recommendations of 14 units a week – bear in mind that’s only 4 large glasses of vino - can you work on reducing your units? Can you make sure you have some alcohol free days too? Perhaps make yourself a spritzer and use soda water with 125ml of wine instead. If you already drink less than 14 units, can you work on lowering them further?

    Reducing alcohol consumption is only one part of weight loss and management. If you want to discuss more and explore your dietary health, then book an appointment with me at The Lanesborough Club & Spa, or visit my website.